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Expert Audit & Assurance Services by Raise Associates Chartered Accountants


Raise Associates team of Chartered Accountants has substantial experience and expertise when it comes to the production and preparation of accurate audit and assurance figures, to provide your business peace of mind when using our business support services.

We seek to understand your business so that we are best placed to offer pragmatic and helpful management information for senior management teams, business owners and directors.

When we can separate the wood from the trees, this provides your business the best information to support making critical business development decisions.


Audit Services

Raise is a registered ICAEW Chartered Accountancy practice and adheres to the highest professional and moral standards.

Our extremely efficient professional auditing services provide vital feedback and information to you about the overall health of your business.

Sometimes, audits might not be welcomed with open arms however, they should be embraced as a valuable business process to help your business emerge leaner with all the required information to support the strategic thinking of your future business strategies.

We undertake a thorough auditing plan prior to commencing the actual audit to make certain that all threats are identified early in the process, so that appropriate thought can be given on how best to mitigate the potential risks.

We will report on all real and potential threats that we uncover along with reporting on the true financial health of your business.


Business Planning and Projections

All businesses should have a concise business plan that plots the course of future business development so you always have a ‘road-map’ so-to-speak.

Ideally, business plans should act as a tool helping to serve your management team and keeping them on track as the business progresses.

The business plan should:

  • Help you understand your cash flow expectations, requirements and assessment of expected profitability.
  • Help you define business goals and set appropriate deadlines in order to achieve them.
  • Provide the essence of where your business is heading. Yes, plans can evolve and change, however, as long as you have a robust business plan and strategy in place, this will help your business progress more smoothly and at a greater pace.
  • A thorough business plan will also be useful when trying to secure funding and finance either by private companies or angel investors.


Accountants Reports

It could be that an audit simply isn’t required at this stage of your development and in those situations we can help provide clarity on the financial health of your business.

Understanding how your business fares against your competition is an important part of running any business. We take care to gather all important management information to help you and/or your senior management team truly understand where you are, where you’re heading and what options are available to help support your future profitability.

Legislation and red-tape can sometimes be confusing. Our team will help you adhere to your legal obligations so that any required documentation or statutory reporting requirements aren’t left unchecked, helping to shield your business from a minefield of commercial risk.

Accountants’ reports also help your business when seeking to secure vital funding to support your business development plans.

Our business support services can help you with the following:

  • The re-acquisition of a company’s shares
  • Reports on the handling and processing of clients’ money for regulated clients including the Solicitors
  • Regulation Authority (SRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Independent reports prepared for The Charities Commission
  • Reporting to Government Departments on funded projects and/or grant applications

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